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Digital Inclusion Service


The Inspired Taskforce now has a digital inclusion service – and it is completely free to access!

If you feel excluded from modern day technology, want a refresher on how to use your current tech or even just want to learn everything from scratch (Or know someone who does) – our Digital inclusion officer is here to help.


What is Digital Inclusion?

Digital Inclusion is access to the world of technology! -  We can provide remote assistance over telephone/email or can meet in person (with correct social distance measures in place) to help teach anything from using zoom to using a new laptop.

We have taught and helped many people in the Levenshulme area and beyond with services such as:

  • Purchasing a new phone, tablet or laptop/computer

  • Setting up digital assistants (Alexa, Google Home etc..)

  • Setting up mobile data packages and home broadband set-ups

  • Teaching how to use Microsoft office products such as word, Excel and more

  • Teaching how to access social media websites/Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter

  • Teaching how to access “On-the-go” entertainment from playing videos to playing games, Reading books to reading news articles.

  • Teaching how to access day to day services by using your phone! Such as mobile banking, online food shopping, GP appointments and Electric and gas utility services.

  • Connecting family and friends through instant messaging applications and video phone calling such as Zoom and Skype.

  • And much more…


If you need help with your phone or computer, Paul at the Inspired Taskforce is great!” – Janet

“The way the course has been explained and taught has helped me understand how to use this modern day technology!” – Debdale Bowling Club

Information Security

Learn more about how to protect your information online by clicking the arrows on the slideshow below. 

All of our over 50’s activities are located in South Manchester,
Levenshulme, Longsight, Gorton and are easily accessible by bus.

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