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Gorton Visual Arts


Gorton Visual Arts - tackling loneliness, isolation, and depression

Our ongoing project enable us to reach out and maintain the wellbeing of our vulnerable local older people in Gorton, Abbey Hey and Levenshulme areas of Manchester, keeping people active, engaged & connected.


It is imperative that we maintain & expand our support at this difficult time.

We continue to offer support to the local community and encourage more people to take part. This group is in real danger of becoming more excluded due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social isolation.

Together we will provide opportunities for people to take part in regular visual Arts sessions and remain connected with others in their local communities. We provide people who would otherwise be isolated with regular contact through phone calls, a full programme of creative activities linked to local heritage/nostalgia and tools/techniques to support positive mental wellbeing, a sense of belonging and connection with others.

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Gorton Visual arts Group has been providing access to visual arts for 14 years and we are well respected as a 'go to' group for other organisations in Manchester. The Charity is totally community led and we keep in regular contact with the group members.

It is through these regular discussions and consultations that decides the direction of the group and the projects they engage in. All the way through lockdown we have kept in touch with each other and we feel there is a real sense of urgency to expand this work, especially as the fear of the pandemic and future lock-downs grow and our participants tell us they rely on us to keep them upbeat, entertained and occupied.

We provide older people in need with art activities and materials including small projects that use a diversity of arts practice and techniques. By offering a range of activities this keeps the projects fresh and offers our participants with a challenge that keeps them interested and engaged.

We also tailor our projects so they can be completed at the individual’s pace and offers opportunity to develop their artistic practice in whatever way they want to take it. Our activities are based on subjects that encourage people to explore their local history, subjects that stimulate positive discussions about nostalgia and allows the person the chance to share their own narrative in whatever way they feel is right for them.

But most importantly, we encourage a cup of tea and a biscuit when completing the projects to remind our participants that we may be apart for now but we are still a close knit family who value a cup of tea, a chat and sharing a laugh together.

Gorton Visual Arts is a Registered Charity -No. 1138286{Non-profit Making Organisation}

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Feedback Comments

“I look forward to the jokes as much as the bingo. It brightens up the day. Of course, the prize lifts the spirits. Who wouldn't want to go bungee jumping? The different projects for the art, are enjoyable. Because each project has been different, it gets to be a chore, each project needs some thought, and we are then challenged to do something that we have not tried before. I feel a sense of achievement at the end of each challenge”.

- Margaret


“I think that all of you is doing a superb job and I’m very happy with the bingo and jokes plus the things we receive, thank you.”

- James


“Before I came into hospital the bingo got me out of my chair and walk to the desk to fill in the bingo card, the bingo is something to look forward to as well as making me move around. “

- Peter


“Thanks so much for brightening my day, this week has been a whirlwind of disappointment, but thanks to having a break from it every day I am not becoming too Maudling. Having spent nearly 12 months shielding it would be so easy to give up and be depressed, thinking that there is no end in sight, but thanks for your kind gifts and cheerfulness every day, cheers”.

- Deborah


“Love doing the bingo every day gives me something to look forward plus doing the art stuff has kept me sane stop me going mad during the lock down even though I'm at bit behind with it because of my daughter’s death its kept me going if it wasn’t for this I don’t know what I would have done or were I would be so thank you very much Gorton visual arts.”

- Susan B



“The Artwork & bingo we receive have been a godsend for me, it’s definitely giving me a structure to my day to be honest. I think at my age it's very important to keep my mind active, especially now in this strange time we are all living at the moment.”

- Rita


“This second lockdown has been harder to cope with. Dark, dank, Winter weather is a drain on mental health as well as physical. The challenge of GVA projects has been a a huge help in " getting you through " each day. Some I have enjoyed doing more than others, but they

are all a tribute to the hard work of Ian, Andrew and Janice. I have surprised myself by the return of my sense of humour, I thought it had gone with the “covid " wind, but the red nose and bow tie challenge has started the wheels turning again, and the checking of the daily Bingo numbers and "joke “is a brilliant idea. I think it's a joke.”

- Freda

“The visual arts group has been so supportive throughout this covid pandemic supplying us with plenty of art & craft supplies & keeping a smile on our faces with all their jokes when they send us the bingo numbers each day. & they are only a phone call away if we need help with our crafts or just someone to talk to. Keep up the good work we really do appreciate all your hard work & support. Thanks.”

- Sue and John


“Being a part of GVA has helped me tremendously throughout lockdown and shielding. Working on the projects has challenged me on a personal and emotional level. I have discovered a love of art and craft again, the feedback from you all has been a tremendous boost for both my self-confidence and self-esteem which makes me smile. The group has been a lifesaver, especially love the bingo which brings a little normality into our daily life.”

- Susan P

“Thank you so much for the consistency and support from this Art group. I have benefited throughout the last few months. The help with my art and the activities. The Bingo. has kept me active, during this difficult time. I am a hairdresser and work in a care home doing the ladies hair. At the beginning of lockdown, I lost quite a few of my ladies. Very sad. So for me having the support and materials from the Art group, Has been wonderful. Thank you so very much. “

- Caterina


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