National Older Peoples Day 

Since 1990, the United Nations has recognised a day to celebrate older people in our society. The date is always 1st October, and as the Inspired People’s Project and now Inspired Taskforce, we have always celebrated the day with an event to highlight the contribution made by older people.

We are fortunate to have older people around us, whether they’re family, friends, or just general acquaintances. Older people are fonts of wisdom, experience, and storytelling. Older people have time for each other, for their grandchildren, for volunteering, for travelling, for learning new hobbies, for campaigning against injustices and for making new friendships. Our society is richer for their presence.

In 2020 we want to recognise and speak out against the huge (and unnecessary) death toll that COVID-19 has had on our older population, and also recognise the on-going stress and strain on older people’s lives as they ‘shield’ themselves and stay withdrawn from society to protect their health. It has been especially hard on those older people without family support or where their families live at a distance. Luckily many of the good people of Levenshulme and Gorton have supported their older neighbours and jumped in with offers of shopping, conversations over the fence or donated to our appeals to provide services such as the Meal Buddies on Wheels and Phone-A-Friend. We thank you for every act of kindness, however small – it meant a lot.

In 2020 we are unable to be together in person, so we have put together some pictures and videos from our previous four years celebrations. We hope you enjoy the selection and the memories it will provoke of happier times.

NOPD 2019

We did what we like to do best, which is parrrrrrteeeee and have lots of fun. Our regular musical accompaniments, Mick and Tim performed as the Artful Codgers and had the whole room rocking and rolling along to their great songs and hits of the 60’s. Bring on next summer when we can get them back.


NOPD 2018

We held a second Levy’s Own Talent Show, as we’d enjoyed the first one the previous year so much. This year was also the one where there was a surprise appearance from Kate, Geraldine and Lou performing Tina Turner’s ‘Simply the Best’ dressed up in red, yellow and silver wigs. Unfortunately, we are still looking for the full video of that episode, but as soon as we find it – it will be on here too. In the meantime, here are a selection of other performances from the event.

NOPD 2017

This was the first year we ran a Talent Show for all our budding amateur performers.

The first video is Linda Maskell-Glynn regaling us with her poems about cats.


The second is the very first performance of our ladies singing together - who went on to form Inspire the Choir - here they sing "Que Sera Sera"

The third video is of our beloved Geraldine!

NOPD 2016

This Year we welcomed the local Comedian Barbara Nice, from Stockport. She came on the 192 bus and made us all laugh with her funny observations about daily life. And then she made us all sing! Please click on the short video to see us singing together!