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About Us

The Inspired Taskforce is a community organisation peer- led by a Board of 13 older people. It has been established for the last 2 years as a capacity building ‘outcome’ of the former Inspired People’s Project, based at Levenshulme Inspire. From 1st January 2020, the Taskforce took on the responsibility of employing staff and organising the 10 weekly activity groups for older people held at the Levenshulme Inspire Centre. The groups were attended by between 100 and 140 older people each week. Full financial separation will take place in December 2020.

The Inspired Taskforce has a proud record of campaigning for the local area to become more age-friendly and were instrumental in achieving an Age-Friendly award for Levenshulme in 2019 (from the Mayor Andy Burnham), working alongside the many other local older people groups and services. The Inspired Taskforce  works in a formal partnership with 5 other community organisations that provide essential services and for older people. These are Levenshulme Inspire, Levenshulme Good Neighbours, Gorton Visual Arts, Gorton Bowling Club and All FM. Between us we are halfway through a 2 year grant award from Manchester City Council to provide activities that reduce social isolation (each partner receives £9k pa).

However, the last group face to face meeting we held was on 9th March and since then all our resources have been focussed on the COVID-19 response work, described elsewhere.

The Digital Inclusion Worker (funded until December 2020) is as a direct result of our Board members and wider members of our project’s needs to be connected to the internet, particularly as for the future access to medical services is going to be on-line. To prevent older people being excluded from healthcare and all the other on-line services and entertainment available, we have been working fast to help people we are in contact with get ‘digitally connected’.

This website is our contribution to keeping our members in touch and connected during the Winter 2020 to Spring of 2021 period. We expect it will still be some months before we can get back to running face to face project activities, so we are hoping that the photos and videos of our past times together will lift your spirits and remind you of the good old days. We will add more pictures and stories each week, so there is a reason to keep checking back to this website. Please send us your thoughts and feedback and particularly any suggestions for what you want to see here.

On a personal note, although the past 6 months have been incredibly hard for everyone I am cheered up every time I drive down Stockport Road and catch a glimpse of one you doing your shopping, or get a phone call or a text or hear that someone’s listened to the Radio Show. I feel honoured every time I pick up someone’s shopping, or take their rabbit to the vet, or give someone a lift to the hospital and I want to reassure you that no request is too small, cos I love seeing you. I want your gossip and your gripes – so do not ever feel alone when I’m only on the other end of this phone 07459 629955

All of our over 50’s activities are located in South Manchester,
Levenshulme, Longsight, Gorton and are easily accessible by bus.

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