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Gorton Visual Arts "All in a days work" Project

This activity was to celebrate World Music Day back on the 21st June 2021. We asked people to decorate, paint, collage, or draw on the vinyl records related to a chosen piece of music, favourite artists or band. We also asked people to play the music while completing this task, thinking of the mood the music put you in, expressing how you feel, and maybe writing some of the lyrics onto the record.

Marie’s Vinyl Artwork.

This piece is related to her chosen song “ Slow Boat to China” . Marie said “ we used to dance to this at Chick Hibbets Dance Hall, which was over the Allambra Cinema in Higher Openshaw . It was my friend Ethel’s favourite song, we were teenagers together


Tanya’s Vinyl Artwork.

Tanya said “I loved doing this took me a few days but finally managed to finish it I chose to do myself as a musician something I had a idea of doing in the past and loved creating this I changed the design a few times to what I had in mind and just went with it this has been one of my favorites so far my song is written around the record “


Peters Vinyl Artwork

This vinyl is related to his chosen music “ Oxygene”.


John's Vinyl Artwork

John has chosen the “fly me to the moon” song, by "old Blue Eyes" himself.


Freda's Vinyl Artwork

Freda said “my record, 2 films that are so different, yet about Nazi Germany The Sound of Music, and Cabaret “


Katherine's Vinyl Artwork

Here's Katherine holding up and displaying her Vinyl!


Jean and Zoe's Vinyl Artwork

We feature Jeans Painted Vinyl Artwork related to the music she enjoys listening to.

We feature Zoe’s Vinyl Artwork. Zoe said “ I loved making this thanks Gorton Visual Arts"

Funded by the Manchester Wellbeing Fund and Open Fund {Manchester City Council} To find more about Gorton Visual Arts, click on the links below.

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